A Quiet Zone is a stretch of train track within a community where train conductors can not sound the train horn unless there is an emergency or imminent safety risk. An application for a 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone (formerly known as the Garden Oaks Quiet Zone) is pending with the City of Houston. The Quiet Zone would run from Cornell (near Airline) to West TC Jester and will benefit several neighborhoods including Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Shepherd Forest and Independence Heights. Other communities such as West U, Bellaire and River Oaks have established Quiet Zones in their areas. The 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone will improve quality of life, reduce negative health effects of the train horn noise, increase safety at rail crossings and spur development along the train track.

The City of Houston reviewed and ranked proposed Quiet Zones and released the rankings in late January 2009. There were 16 proposed city-funded Quiet Zones and the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone (formerly the Garden Oaks Quiet Zone) was ranked #9. Initially, only Quiet Zones ranked #1-6 were to be funded. See the list here. The City of Houston has realized cost savings and obtained additional funding for some Quiet Zones so they have been able to start work on additional Quiet Zones. We are currently working with the City of Houston to get enough funding for the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone.


We Need Your Help!

  • Call, write or send emails to local politicians expressing your support for the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone. NOW is the time to act. If we don't get approved for funding now, we may never see a Quiet Zone in our area.
  • Ask your neighbors to join the campaign for a 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone. There are many benefits of a Quiet Zone and it will benefit thousands of people in our area.
  • Spread the word about this website.

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Latest News:

Apr 30, 2013

We recently launched a Facebook site! Please visit and "like" our Facebook page to show interest in the 34th St Quiet Zone. Visit the Facebook site to get more frequent updates on the current progress of the campaign for a Quiet Zone in our area. Click the icon below to visit our page.

Feb 19, 2013

Area residents and business owners have recently kicked off a renewed effort to get the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone implemented. We are discussing new options and alternatives to procure funding for the Quiet Zone. We are in discussions with City of Houston officials regarding the options and will post updates to this website soon. Please contact us via the 'Contact Us' now page if you are interested in actively participating in the effort to see the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone become a reality.

Jan 4, 2012

After three years of advocating for the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone, the City of Houston recently stated that there is currently not enough funding to implement the 34th St Corridor Quiet Zone. Only Quiet Zones ranked #1-8 received funding and the 34th St Quiet Zone is ranked #9 of 16 total Quiet Zones. As one might imagine, this news is very disappointing. We hope the City of Houston can find some way to make the 34th St Quiet Zone happen. We really believe the 34th St Quiet Zone is a win-win proposition. Residents would finally get peace and quiet and the City of Houston would see an increase in tax revenue due to the increase in property values along the Quiet Zone. The railroad crossings would also be upgraded to make them safer. Please email or call Mayor Parker and new Council Member Ellen Cohen to express your disappointment as well at your continued desire to see the 34th St Quiet Zone implemented. Please ask them to find funding for the 34th St Quiet Zone!

Below is the statement and follow up from City of Houston Public Works & Engineering (PWE).

Email sent from PWE on 12/20/11:


Thank you for your patience as we were sorting through the projects ahead of the 34th Street corridor.  Unfortunately, the last set of work for the approved quiet zone projects will not include the 34th street corridor.  All the available funds were utilized for the last of the quiet zone projects.  Although, with the funding source changes proposed for capital improvement projects (i.e., re-build Houston-drainage fee); quiet zone projects will more than likely not be done in the recent months.  It is our hope that within a few years we will be able to continue down the list of quiet zone projects and possibly have another call for projects like we did in 2008.  Again, we thank you for your interest, and if you have further questions we will be more than happy to answer them.

We then submitted follow up questions regarding the other Quiet Zones and funding for the 34th St Quiet Zone. Below is part of the response from PWE:

Email response from PWE sent 1/4/12:

 Due to changes in the City charter and our ability to fund projects, we are going to complete the first 8 projects.  However, the charter will not allow us to bond projects Beyond the end of 2011.  That is why we rushed to move the final funding for East End 1, east End 3 and Greater Inwood forward by the end of last year.  We must now pay as we go.  The current funding streams are the drainage fee and general mobility funds.  For a project to qualify for funding in either of these categories, they must either relate to drainage or be a mobility project.  Quiet Zones do not fall into either category.  This means that the Public Works and Engineering Department can not legally fund additional Quiet Zone projects at this time.  A third funding source will be a portion of the Ad Valorum taxes.  Currently, this funding is being used exclusively to pay off existing bonds.  In FY16, some Ad Valorum funding will become available for additional projects.  At that time, a decision will be made on whether or not additional Quiet Zone projects will be funded.


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